HASWA Intergenerational Connecting Communities Project

The HASWA Intergenerational Connecting Communities Project is a new initiative to develop services to meet the social, cultural and welfare needs of the growing Asian and wider community residing in Havering. The project’s aim is to help develop HASWA as an accessible community centre for the isolated, disadvantaged and vulnerable Asian and wider communities, and to provide new activities and services according to the needs of all ages, especially the elderly, members and client groups from Asian communities, mainly from Indian and Pakistani ethnic groups.

HASWA Intergenerational Connecting Communities project would like to engage with more of the Asian and wider communities and provide activities for all ages, targeted health and well-being services for the Asian elderly. The project will develop more activities for children and young people to strengthen their involvement within the community for better understanding of Asian culture and heritage as well as the diversity in in the wider community.

The project will aid the isolated, underprivileged and discriminated Asian and wider community by catering to their welfare, social and cultural needs and provide better access to training and development to improve their life skills. The project will also hold cultural events and activities to strengthen community cohesion and promote positive integration.

We encourage anyone interested in these goals to volunteer for the HASWA Intergenerational Connecting Communities project to develop new skills, meet new people, and share your interests to benefit the community. For more information, call 01708 522789 or email us at [email protected]