Teeyan (Teej) 13 July 2017

HASWA celebrates Teeyan to promote the positives of being a woman. It was enjoyed by all the ladies, who took turns to sing traditional light hearted songs. The Bholiyan and Giddha were performed spontaneously with the women teasing each other on themes such as mothers in law and bad behaviour of husbands/men! All the ladies enjoyed the event and delicious traditional Indian food.


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Teeyan (Teej) 16 July 2015

HASWA’s annual Teeyan event was celebrated on 16th July 2015. Young girls and women came wearing beautiful and colourful traditional outfits. HASWA ladies group sang traditional folk songs, recited poetry and told their own stories of this age old custom that is celebrated at the beginning of the rainy season in India. Traditional Bholiyan were sung and everybody joined in the Giddha dancing before enjoying the delicious food. Thank you to all our volunteers for their help in making this event successful and very enjoyable!


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Teeyan (Teej) 15th August 2014

60 women celebrated Teeyan (Teej) at HASWA on Friday afternoon, 15th August 2014. Young girls and women got together and performed Teej rituals.  They came wearing beautiful and colourful outfits. Singing by the HASWA ladies group was appreciated by all and everybody joined in and sang traditional Bholiyan and had fun with Giddha and Bollywood dancing.  Delicious food was made by HASWA members and a donation was gratefully received from Mrs Chanan Kaur. HASWA would like to thank all our volunteers and staff for their help in the making this event very successful..


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