Havering streetwatch – 11 July 2018

Sally Miller from Havering Streetwatch with her team came to HASWA to explain the Streetwatch scheme which involves residents wearing high visibility jackets and walking their local streets. She explained how each volunteer is police checked before they can join the scheme, is asked to read and sign the observers guide and take part in a short induction programme. All members are covered by public liability insurance and if suitable can become a member and work alongside your local police service.

If you would like more information please contact Sally Miller, Havering Street Watch, 079343 72674 or [email protected]

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School for Scammers – 9 May 2018

HASWA members took part in a very useful interactive Arc Theatre performance School for Scammers. The performance highlighted how scamming can take a multitude of forms such as identity fraud through your letterbox, the get rich-quick swindle in your email, the courier con on your telephone, or the roofing repair trick at your door. Scammers make their living by building your confidence in them and deceiving you out of your money or possessions by increasingly creative methods – using the latest technology, loopholes, or just plain lies. Everyone is at risk, not just the elderly or vulnerable.

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